We provide reliable services that are distinguished for immediacy, timely response, speed and consistent delivery according to the requirements of each of our clients individually.

National Transportation and Distribution of All Type

Our experienced and skilled human resources and our own modern fleet guarantee the responsible and safe transportation of your goods.


Secure & Reliable Cargo Transport

Special Carriage of Large Loads

Required Refrigerator-Transport

ADR Loads

With the modern fleet of our trucks, we undertake the successful refueling of the most difficult loads nationwide.

Our trucks comply with ADR cargo transport specifications. We provide full certification of our vehicles as well as ADR license holders. We have all the required security rules. Consistency and accountability are features that distinguish us.

ADR Load Table

Explosive Substances and Types
Explosive Substances and Types
Burners, Fireworks and Similar Goods
Gases pressurized, liquefied or dissolved under pressure
Flammable liquids
Flammable Solids
Flammable Solids or substances subject to automatic burning
Flammable solids or substances that attract flammable gases in contact with water
Flammable solids or substances that attract flammable gases in contact with water
Oxidising substances
Organic peroxides
Toxic substances
Suspended materials and materials that can cause contamination
Radioactive materials
Corrosive materials
Miscellaneous Dangerous materials and articles




Groupage loads from Athens to Xania and from Chania to Athens. Transport of liquid foods Re-packaging – Palletizing of the products transported.


Deliveries and arrivals 24 hours a day in Athens and Chania by shipments up to 4m with a hydraulic door. Trucks up to 6m and hydraulic door. Specialized workshop for deliveries and deliveries of your products and items.


In our premises we have a loader of up to 3.5 tons and special ramps.